Sigi Hill

Stay true to the dreams of your youth

This is a phrase I have often contemplated. Is it a daydream or a sensible approach to life?

After many years in the world of International Banking I am pursuing my creative ambitions.

In 2006 I set out to start this new phase of my life with the Foundation Course at Chelsea College of Art, London and to explore the options available. I quickly discovered a real interest in glass. Continuing my studies with a Degree at the University for the Creative Arts in Three Dimensional Design – Glass I continued to experiment with the many qualities and associated challenges of glass.

I am drawn to the complex process of melting the solid form of glass in the kiln to a new shape; petrifying the glass at just the right moment takes many tests and is absorbing, each test offering new possibilities.  I like to work using glass frits (crumbs), which come in many colours and sizes.  The ‘sand like’ qualities appeal to me especially the resultant textures created in the kiln.  I aim to create simple yet carefully considered shapes which respond to my initial inspiration.

My exploration of ideas takes inspiration from the ordinary, the everyday; bricks, shells or the bark of a tree; I like to question the assumed.  Although I have traveled extensively, which influences my work, I have so far tended to use familiar references close to home and family. From the initial idea or inspiration I re-interpret shape, colour, and context.